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Rules of Survival Hack – Mobile and PC Tips (ROS Cheats)

In: MOBILE TIPS  Be the best ros player with this Rules of Survival Hack and start changing your game play. Use this awesome cheat in playing the ROS game app that is available on Google Store or App Store. This Rules of Survival Hack tool that we are going to share to you can help you on different ways. By using this application, you can activate amazing features like aimbot, wallhack, super jump, speed hack, no recoil, no grass and fast parachute. This only means that you have an advantage to other players. Rules of Survival Cheats also works for all iOS platforms and even on android devices, and root or jailbreak are not required. This is also working on PC version of this game. Another great thing is that it is safe from any account bans as you become untraceable in using the hack tool. We also tested that this hack tool developed by MyGameTips team has no defects and virus-free application! Get ready to be the best player in no time!

Available features for Rules of Survival Hack:

  • Activate amazing hack features like aimbot, wallhack, super jump, speed hack, no recoil, no grass and fast parachute.
  • Works perfectly on Windows PC, iOS and Android platforms
  • No need to Jailbreak your iOS devices or root your android phones.
  • Virus free and has a proxy support connection
  • Our Team also includes guard protection script which is also know as Anti-ban system.
rules of survival hack

More Rules of Survival Hack and Tips

So to begin, we’ll get into some key aspects of the game. You have to understand down to the tip of the nail before you jump into the match. Let’s look at the settings now. Every device is different so if you are encountering any lag you will need to tweak with your settings in order to increase your player experience. I won’t say too much on this subject because I have an entire guide to the settings menu complete with the best settings to win. Most important that I’ll say again because you really need to know this. In the beginning you’ll need your sensitivity to be set properly. So regardless which device you have, set it to the point where when you press the center of your  screen and you swipe from left to right. You can get a 180 degree or even a bit more field of view. So you’re able to see all around you fast and easily.

Actual Match

Now let’s talk about the actual match. As we know, the plane flies over the map in rules of survival and you need to drop in at a certain area to loot up and progress to a later points of the game. Now if we’re focusing on the start of the match and you want to be able to get past that. Wouldn’t it make sense to drop into a small area where no one else is so by default you will progress the mid game right? Wrong! That may work but the key thing is that’s not going to make you better at the game. The most important thing you should be doing when you’re first starting off playing the game is not having the mindset that you’ll win. If you just started playing rules of survival you obviously will not be getting consistent wins. You need to practice a ton and with this practice you’ll eventually get better. And where is the best spot to practice getting better at the game? Certainly not in an area where no one else is. You want to be able to practice quickly gathering materials, shooting your guns and getting kills. The only way to be able to do that is in a high-traffic area at the start of the match.

Major City

My best advice is picked the first major city or big area the plane comes across when it’s flying over the map and drop there you want to get to the ground as fast as you can. Because speed is important in the beginning of the game. Try to land on the roof of a tall building if you’re in a place like traffic hub or on top of one of these structures if you’re landing in a place like Rust Bay. Height Advantage is so important in this game. To put it bluntly some of your best areas to land in Gili Island are Rust Bay training base, the observatory and Echo Valley. And some of your best areas to land in fearless fiord are oil factory, traffic hub, sewage plants, fortune Islands and New Echo Valley. This is of course if you want to get a lot of action early game.

Early Game

When you first land what do you do? Get a gun of course! You obviously want to land in a spot where you see a gun. They spawn it before you touch the ground. You can adjust how you land so you can get right on top of the weapon before someone else picks it up. If you see someone coming in towards the same gun as you’re aiming for your best bet to actually survive is adjust just a bit. You land somewhere where there isn’t another player. You don’t want to land right on top of someone else because you only have a 50/50 chance of getting the gun. And the other person might already punch you to death before you can even pick it up. Avoid that by simply changing your landing spots if there’s someone already there. In the beginning a shotgun or an SMG will be your best type of weapon. They’re perfect for close range and if you’re landing in a city or an area with a lot of buildings, you’re going to be encountering a lot of that close range. When you land, your first priority is to get the guns, ammo and health you need for early game. If you don’t go out of your way to chase someone down, they’ll probably be doing the same thing. So you have at least a minute or so to gear up before someone starts pursuing you.

Be careful on shooting your enemy

Now here’s the important thing you want to be on the hunt before others. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re gearing up and someone comes up behind you and shoots you point-blank in the head with a shotgun. You have to be the person that does that. When you land get only the bare necessities. Get some bandages maybe an energy drink or two, a helmet, a gun with enough ammo to take about four or five players outs as that will usually be about how many you’ll encounter early game in high-traffic areas. Be on the hunt from this point forward. Be sneaky though crouching is a super important components in early game in these close quarters areas. If you just go barging through a building anyone on any floor will see your footsteps show up and they’ll know you’re there. If you crouch, your footsteps won’t show up and you can get the drop on someone in early game. People won’t have a ton of armor or health or even super powerful weapons so if you see the other player before he or she sees you you’re almost guaranteed that kill.

Fire Mode

Another tip is that if you don’t have a lot of ammo, avoid staying on auto fire mode as especially with SMGs. That’ll eat up your bullets so fast instead switch to single fire mode and conserve your ammo. Now if you didn’t find a shotgun you can pick up two SMGs. Have one on auto and one on single fire mode for different occasions. Having a gun on auto fire mode is perfect for when someone sneaks up behind you. You can quickly turn around and spray that weapon until the enemy is gone. Single fire mode is for more controlled situations like perhaps if you’re on top of the roof of a building and you’re firing at someone hiding below. Assess the situation and see which firing mode is best. If you find a rifle or even a sniper you can still get out of early game fine. If you only have a sniper play more cautiously. Get on top of a roof or maybe a hill top and play more tactically. Try to take people out at range because that’s really the only way you’ll be able to get consistent kills with the sniper. If you have a rifle, it can work well in close and medium range again switch between the two different firing modes depending on the situation you’re in.

Playing Aggressive

Now what happens when you want to play aggressive? How do you do this and still manage to consistently stay alive in early game? Well, there are some tips I have for that not every single person you see is the right one to kill. You really need to see what position you’re in before you take any shots. If you happen to be in the middle of traffic hub by those concrete cylinders and you see someone on top of a roof, is it really a good idea to shoot at that player? Probably not! Most likely you won’t be able to fully finish off that player. And after they hide they’ll heal up and then have the height advantage then you’ll have to worry about other players who also have a height advantage all around you. It’s a pretty scary scenario so avoid this by getting yourself any good spots before you start shooting. Make sure you have good cover this is so important. You can still play aggressive while having good cover. Get inside a building or hide behind a rock or a tree so you can have some solid objects to protect you. Rush people when they’re at the same height as you maybe someone is hiding in the first floor of a building. This is where you can rush the enemy and actually have a high chance of taking them outs. You’ll find yourself getting the most amount of kills in early game but it is important to stay alive while doing all of this. Always remember once you’re a decent player your end goal is to win regardless how many kills you gets.

Be Sneaky

Another time where you may want to avoid shooting at someone is if they’re already engaged in a gun fight with someone else. Now if you’re close by and you can sneak up behind the enemy. It might be a good idea to shoot at them. But if you’re far away from both people shooting at each other you might have a chance of missing your shots and then having to deal with two players shooting at you at the same time. Wait until one kills the other and then move in to get the kill again. Always assess the situation in order to maximize your chances of surviving. Sometimes crouching isn’t necessary if someone already knows where you are. Why would you even bother if they’re shooting at you from somewhere? You don’t have to worry about crouching because you need to be quick in movement to avoid the bullets. Your top priority is to beat that gunfights and afterwards you can go back to being sneaky. It’s not good to instantly loot the dead body of someone you killed in this game. When someone dies everyone turns in that direction and if you’re right there distracted and looting you’ll die alongside the other player that you killed. Only loot when it’s in a safe area or if you think there aren’t many enemies left in the place that you landed. I guess you could loot if you’re in dire need of health or armor or ammo.  So that’s it guys! Hope you’ve learn a thing or two from this rules of survival tips and tricks! Until next time!   Use Rules of Survival Hack ?


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