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One-click Restore CGI-Plus V3.4.2.3 Latest Compiler Enhanced Version

CGI one-click backup and recovery tool set integrates functions such as backup, restore, NT6.x installation (automatic repair boot), GHOST and ImageX dual-core, 32/64-bit self-adaptation, GHO/WIM/SWM/ESD, UEFI support +GPT starts, supports dynamic disks. Its support for unattended configuration files greatly expands its functionality and enables true one-click backup and recovery. Its detailed features are as follows:

1, intelligent judgment of the current running Windows or PE is 32-bit or 64-bit, if it is 32-bit call GHOST32/32-bit ImageX, if it is 64-bit then call GHOST64/64-bit ImageX. 64-bit speed is faster than 32-bit, and it is the fastest to support multi-core and multi-thread backup and restore.

2, support unattended configuration, support image format: GHO, WIM, SWM, ESD, ISO, can achieve a real one-button backup and recovery.

3, support in the UEFI + GPT platform to the new GPT hard drive (with ESP partition) to restore the 64-bit WIN7/WIN8.1 GHO/WIM/SWM/ESD/ESD image, of course, need to support UFI boot UEFI boot Resume to PE (Select the PE that supports UEFI startup in the PE area).

4, support the use of WIN7/8/8.1 original ISO / CD-ROM installation, if there is OEM information is automatically added; support ??, no appointments such as the installation of heroes WIN7/WIN8 combined disk, if OEM information is also automatically added.

5, support for EISA partitions, support for Ext2/3 partitions, whether to write depends on GHOST/ImageX.

6, support GPT disk. The basic disk GPT partition can also be correctly backed up/restored under 32-bit XP, supporting dynamic GPT hidden partitions.

7, support dynamic disk, whether it is MBR partition mode or GPT partition mode. As long as it is not the current system partition, it can be backed up/restored in both Windows and PE. The system partition needs to be restored under PE, but it can be backed up in Windows. In addition to properly backing up/restoring simple volumes, it also properly backs up/restores spanned volumes.

8. There is a partition-to-partition copy?partition copy; there is an operation on the entire hard disk?recovery hard disk, backup hard disk, and hard disk copy.

9. Support GHO/WIM/SWM/ESD image in ISO.

10, support for multiple hard drives, support IDE / SCSI / SATA / SAS / USB HDD / USB FLASH DRIVE hybrid hard disk / disk, support SSD (solid state drive), support for 4K alignment, support for a hard disk with multiple primary partitions, support disk Interleaving, support for Win partition and non-Win partition interleaving. ?

11. During the restoration, if the GHO image file has a password, the password is directly decrypted, and the user does not need to do any intervention. When checking the integrity of the GHO image, it is also possible to crack the password directly.

12, can run on XP/2K3/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8/WIN8.1 and corresponding PE.

[Key Recovery CGI Enhanced Edition has more features than Standard Edition]

1. When Windows restores/backs up the current system, it can be restarted to DOS (except UEFI + GPT);

2, can install the system menu (except UEFI + GPT); can set the start hotkey (except UEFI + GPT);

3, can customize GHOST core version (only valid in Windows/PE, only 11.5.1 version in DOS).

CGI-Plus Compiler Enhanced Features:

? Updated Ghost, wimlib-imagex

- Support ESD decryption without human intervention;

- Keep all features of the original (unattended configuration, etc.)

- Change the execution mode, the original is the overall decompression, it is released on demand;

- Use the latest version of PECMD to support the traditional system, simple and complex adaptive;

- Delete the built-in 15 applets, all use PECMD code to complete

- Support WIM roll-up using Chinese roll name and display description information at the same time;

- Support configuration file (program name. cfg), specify an external program, reduce the size;

- 64-bit program code and 32-bit consistency, making 64-bit more powerful than the original;

- Mounting ISO into OSFMount, optimizing streamlined code, high-definition screen DPI adaptation, etc.;

New changes


2017-12-19 update:

1. By default, the wimscript.ini of the CGI peer directory is loaded.

The specific format is in the webwimscript.ini file, or refer to: technet.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/hh825006.aspx

2. The version number is upgraded to

download link



If you do not consider the support of loading ISO and ESD, the original author's CGI function is sufficient. Enhanced version recommends using JexChan!

[Stop updating in early years] One-click recovery CGI original (Unattended Configuration Guide, Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)?by clonecd

One-click Recovery CGI 3.2, 32/64-bit Adaptive, GHO/WIM/SWM Support, GPT/Dynamic Disk Support (2014.02.09)


Pure 64-bit one-click recovery CGI64 v3.2, support for GHO/WIM/SWM, support for GPT/dynamic disks (2014.02.09)


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